frequently asked questions

frequently asked questions

  1. What are Drug Information services?

Drug information center provides up-to-date, unbiased and authentic information regarding drug and diseases. For example, drug action, price, availability, interaction with food and other drugs, safety in pregnancy or lactation, safety in children, side effects and storage/stability of medicines, etc.

  1.  How to ask a query at the Drug Information Center (DIC)?

Fill the Drug inquiry form available at our website or visit drug information center and submit the completely filled query form either online or at DIC address.

  1.   What information DIC can give about medicine?
    • The name and indication of your medicine;
    • Right time, Right route, Right dose, Right frequency and Right duration of taking your medicine;
    • Common side effects and how to reduce them
    • Hazards of frequent dose omission or quitting therapy without physician’s suggestion;
    • Important safety measures and "must avoid" situations with your medicine;
    • Dietary precautions and lifestyle modification suggested;
    • How to  store and keep medicine safe
    • How to handle and Proper disposal methods
  2. What is Drug information center doing for health care awareness?
    • Shares new information.
    • Provides drug and disease-related information
    • Assists in patient care
    • Evaluate and spread authentic information
  3. Kind of question DIC has received for example
    • Whether Kidney agenesis is normal? How can it affect the overall health of the patient? What are the dietary cares should be taken and allergies associated with medicine and precautions?
    • What are the side effects of Tricium plus tablets?
    • Contents and manufacture of Metopil R (2.5/25) tablets? Who is the manufacturer of this tablet? 3) Is this sustain release tablet?
    • Can generic medicine be taken instead of brand medicine? Are they cheap and substandard quality?
    • My daughter, has ichthyosis a rare form of disease which her doctor says is non-treatable, where in India its treatment is available? Can state pharmacy council help in starting drug research for this rare condition? And we require topical application in large quantities i.e monthly two packs of each as we have to apply her thrice daily. So if possible can we get medicine with discount?
    • What is the side effect of insulin injection being using in type - 1 diabetes?
    • Please provide information about 'Tiagabine' drug used in Epilepsy.